Niklas Haze is a London based photographer born in 1989 in East Berlin, Germany. Growing up as the son of a photographer, he was exposed to this form of art and communication from the early years on and eventually decided to follow these footsteps.

Niklas finished his education as a photographer in 2014 at the Lette Verein in Berlin and decided to leave his home city behind during the same year in order to start his career in fashion photography. Now based in London he gained experience while assisting photographers such as Martin Schoeller, Greg Willimas, Julia Fullerton-Batten and more.

Always having a strong connection to Documentary Photography, which enables people to dive into different cultures and worlds, he found the balance between creating art in the exciting fashion environment and documenting the authentic and often unseen life happening outside on the streets.

Since March 2017 Niklas is also working as Art Director at the House of Solo Magazine.